Quality Standards

We are dedicated to the quality control of all our natural ingredients, processed through our Eco-Processing Centres. Strict quality standards and control is a large part of the clean processing training that takes place on an ongoing basis at each and every centre. We adhere to our client’s needs according to the international standards required.


Ecological Standards & Accreditation to meet International Market Demands

We are aware of the number and complexity of accreditations available to demonstrate the natural, ecological, soil friendly, carbon neutral, reforestation kind nature of your products.  However we must hold true to the belief that Shea Butter produced through our centers is completely pure and natural, originating from unpopulated, largely unfarmed parkland areas,  is wild-harvested and hand processed and is therefore completely chemical free.


With this in mind we are working towards a Burkina Shea Stamp which will add real and true value to the pure shea butter produced, and the women that produce it with zero impact.


We are however keen to work with you to ensure adherence to other global accreditations which wholeheartedly support our joint commitment to environmental, biodiversity, soil quality and agroforestry impact.



Product Testing and Certification Before Shipment

We work to your specifications to ensure all products are fully supported with comprehensive MSDS, Certificate of Analysis or the necessary technical information to comply with your regulatory requirements including:


If you would like any further product testing beyond the above standard specifications let us know.