Socially and Responsibly Sourced Shea Butter

Evolve your cosmetic and personal care product ranges by choosing sustainable natural ingredients with true performance AND protect biodiversity and reduce poverty in rural and forest-dependent communities at the same time.


Simple Natural Products and Complex Formulations Using Our Sustainable Shea

At one end of the skincare market there is a demand for fewer and more natural ingredients to be used in products with much emphasis on keeping it simple, whilst at the other end of the skincare market, there is a demand for complex formulations which are otherwise built around other functional and active natural ingredients.
Our sustainable, Grade A, shea butter is the perfect simple, natural botanical that can be used on its own as a pure ingredient for powerfully effective skincare or it can be combined in your unique formulations.


The True Power of a Single Natural Ingredient – Sustainable & Empowering Shea

A super-charged combination of healing & moisturising properties not found in any other seed oil. There is a reason why the women of Burkina call this “Women’s Gold”.

What sets shea apart from other seed oils is the exceptionally large healing fraction (non-saponification fraction) between 7-12% compared with Avocado Oil of 2-6%, enabling it to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. The healing fraction contains important nutrients, vitamins and valuable phytonutrients required for soothing, healing and preventing scarring.

Raw Shea is rich in Vitamins A, E & F and is a super-moisturiser, (the saponification fraction of shea), high in anti-oxidants, is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.  

What with its natural components and multi-rich properties shea butter totally lends itself to lip balms, moisturising skin products, nourishing hair and body care products, anti-ageing creams, dry-skin moisturisers and sun creams.

The combination of the excellent moisturising fraction and the exceptionally large healing fraction of our shea butter, when used regularly, can treat many skin problems, as outlined below:



Our Eco-Processing Centers – Bringing together community shea and agri-processing needs in Africa with women and communities at the heart.  

Collaborate with us and find out more about our Eco-Processing Centres click here  >



Grade A Shea Butter Produced in Volume from Renewable & Sustainable Sources

Pure unrefined shea butter has been used by the local African communities from mothers to babies for generations as it protects, nourishes and moisturises their skins, in particular young sensitive skins.

Our raw or unrefined shea butter is processed in our Eco-Processing Centres without the use of any chemicals, it is made in its purest form. 100% pure natural shea butter is an all-natural vitamin A and vitamin E cream which is ideal for improving a number of skin conditions, including;







Shea Butter – an Ethical Replacement for Palm Oil

We are not just avoiding negative impact but creating real positive social and environmental change.

Palm oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil globally. Its use within personal care and food products is popular due to its cost, high melting point (providing a replacement for trans-fats (banned recently by US FDA).

The Palm Oil industry has made strides towards more sustainable practices, but the harsh truth is that palm oil production has historically resulted in significant deforestation with serious environmental impact. (Read more, click thru to section 7.innovating for climate etc)

Our shea nuts are hand-processed yet with some up-skilling to help enhance the traditional methods that the women of Burkina Faso know and produce, yet with the regulatory assurances that you, the global beauty and personal care industries need today and for the future.


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