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Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

Our approach for the production and processing of Shea Butter focuses on enhancing the positive social and environmental impact of this significant Savannah belt crop. We want to leave the shea belt better than we found it, through mapping, reforestation, afforestation and agroforestry practices, coupled with the creation of physical primary processing centres ‘Eco-Processing Centers‘ where many more women shea entrepreneurs can produce a consistent high quality, high volume, clean shea butter with direct access to higher value markets.
The Eco-Processing Centers are facilitating the transformation of the shea industry through innovative, climate smart, women inclusive activity with powerful environmental and social impact.


Primary Processing Centers for A Consistent Quality, Volume & Transparency

Every center includes innovative clean processing technologies, such as efficient cookstoves and bio-digesters and renewable energy sources (e.g. solar PV and solar cookers).

Renewable Power – Clean Energy for Shea Butter Production

Our Eco-Processing Centers have a neutral impact on the environment. Relying exclusively on renewable power sources including solar for dryers, biomass burners for heating water and solar PV for electricity. All waste materials are used in a circular process and recycled in other parts of the process – sludge makes a great organic fertiliser, husks make great biomass burner fuel, water for washing makes great nursery irrigation water.

Clean Dry Storage – Year Round Processing

The availability of clean dry storage for shea kernels is key to the quality of the end product, grade A shea butter. The Eco-Processing Centers are equipped with well aired storage areas in which women can store the kernels after the inital boil and dry process. This enables women to collect, prepare and store kernels during the harvest period for onward processing, year-round. The ability to provide year round income has significant impact especially when coupled with the processing of other, high value, indigenous crops such as Baobab, Neem, Desert Date or Moringa.

The Heart and Hub of the Community

Our nationwide Eco-Processing Centers are facilitating the mobilisation of women into new roles in primary processing, increasing quality, quantity, and profit share. The Eco-Processing Centers are run by women for women providing jobs, stimulating the economy, and providing an end to end solution for your sustainable sourcing programme.

Eco-Processing Centers Part Owned by Womens Associations

The women shea producers have an ownership stake in the Eco-Processing Centers. The Centers provide the producers with a physical infrastructure, a centre to come together to process shea butter and include storage and mechanisation.

Shea, also known as “Women’s Gold”, is  sourced and processed by women. Tapping into this centuries-old, know-how and craftsmanship to produce a consistently superior product is key to the success of our end product, Grade A shea butter.

What our Eco-Processing Centres Entail for Your Supply Chain


  • Ensuring supply chain resilience, through the management of the working conditions, hygiene, safety for the women and controls and cleanliness for your produce


  • Total transparency and full traceability throughout our shea butter production from the shea nut collection through to your end shea butter product


  • Security, reliability and assurance that your grade A Shea butter is tightly monitored, continuously regulated and adheres to the global guidelines and regulations that are in force


Link ethical sustainable sourcing to your end products  through an ethical & sustainable sourcing program brought to life by:

  • Promoting biodiversity and natural capital through reforestation
  • Carbon-neutral shea – improve your overall carbon footprint & contribute to your Carbon Tax Offset Scheme
  • Demonstrate the direct value your sourcing policies bring to rural communities in Africa
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of your formulas
  • Committing to zero deforestation
  • Guaranteeing sustainability for raw materials


  • Shortening and strengthening your shea supply chain – go direct to the source and buy your shea butter, from the women with the skills and the know-how.

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100% Environment & Forest Friendly

Our national programme across Burkina Faso is designed to restore, protect and develop the number of shea trees, and overall management of forested land in Burkina. This will be done through replanting, agroforestry, plant nurseries, GPS mapping & monitoring and education.

Opportunities for Partnering & Sponsorship of our Eco-Processing Centres

We are your strategic partner of choice for the new landscape and demands of supply chain transparency. Let’s build shea into a force for good, protecting biodiversity, shea parklands, and improving livelihoods in real and measureable ways. Sponsor one of our Eco-Processing Centres and get right to the heart of the shea community. Develop ground roots understanding, relationships and knowledge on this valuable natural ingredient.

Build Your Storytelling & Sustainable Marketing Around Shea Impact

Imagine having direct access to the women who are making your sustainable, Grade A Shea. Get to know the women, get to know the process, get to know the community behind your shea butter and bring your products to life by demonstrating the real impact it has on those that produce it.

Our Eco-Processing Centres – A Strategic Way to Make A Difference

Nurture your relationship in Burkina Faso using our Eco-Processing Centres to develop further social and environmental impact programmes in the outlying community and align them with your overall company mission, vision and values.

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